Houdini bead

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Why Houdini? Because this one is an escapology artist and has a bit of a magic color side as well, so the name of Houdini fits it well. It gave me quite of a shock, when I found the chain I had knotted it to around my neck suddenly empty!

I looked for it all over the house, already miserable, because I was looking for shards of glass rather than a whole bead. How else could it have escaped the chain if not because it cracked after all? Finally I went to get the car keys to search the floor of the car as well and as I reach out for them it goes : Plingggg, pling, pling …. on the floor. There was Houdini: whole, it had simply escaped the chain. I couldn’t quite believe it! Only when later I showed my husband how I had had it chained around my neck I discovered, that I had made a false knot through its 5mm center hole and as the chain had loosened up a little it had had the opportunity to simply slip off it. But where it hid all the while I was looking for it still is a mystery to me.

Then the other day in the office (now chained securely! ) I looked at it and was bewildered to see that all the purple had suddenly gone from the bead. All that was left was a pale blue shade where the lavender had been around the center… I took it off, examined it more thoroughly, but the lavender was gone. I was wondering how a glass color could wash out… I had not yet heard or read of any such thing.

On my way back home, the bead had turned back to its ordinary shade of blue and lavender… It must have been the lighting in the office that made the purple shade of the bead disappear.

Nonetheless, this Houdini bead has some magic to it and I very much enjoy wearing it. It also is the first bead of this complexity I worked around a 5mm mandrel and I am happy about the symmetry I achieved.


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