Red orange

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Only recently have I tried out the striking colors. It’s not so difficult as it sounds in the books…

I did my first hollow beads, among which, one with red stringer drawing. I also raked dots into hearts. I’ll show them to you even though the hearts have come out a little uneven.

A hollow bead (the second one I tried to make) and my first try at raking heartshapes


pressed lentil

I also got a few beads shaped in the bead press… I love the lentil form, though it is still hard for me to find the right amount of glass to go into the press. All just a matter of try and error and memory.


lentil and poked dot bead







The poked dot bead was made using the same technique as the Houdini,although this red and orange version was wrapped around a 3 mm mandrel.

Transparent grey with transparents and opaque red dots
black rose on red bead

One thought on “Red orange

    Miriam said:
    October 9, 2011 at 21:50

    These are gorgeous. You are so clever!

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