Do you want to know what I did last summer?

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It’s been a while since my last post. It took some time to have time and good weather to take pictures and even longer to edit them, but now I proudly present you: this summer’s lampwork beads. Well, those that you have not yet seen but are worth showing, minus a few that will come up soon in a special post.

Did I already mention my first bead-press? The bead above was pressed to a lentil and afterwards dotted in this spiral pattern. It’s really not easy to get the amount of glass right that needs to go into the press and I tend to forget it between two sessions…

This is the same bead!

Need proof?

Here it comes:

The little bit of pink you might see around the edges of the blue is in fact… black (Color number is Effetre 064). The Effetre black is really a very dark purple, so when it is stretched out thin enough (as is the case in the bead above) over a layer of white, it shows as pink.

Next, there is a hollow bead, with stringer decoration in a metallic purple color I especially like.


It is unbelievable how light those hollow beads are… and so beautiful because you don’t see that channel right though the transparent bead…

Another Houdini (for my sister), a 3-dimensional Rose and my first attempt at using a twistie.

Light green Houdini


Gray and black twisties on coloured base
strange snowflake…
Anisweiss on turquoise – the black line formed as a reaction of the heat on the white stringer

my first “trailer” – that was fun to make 🙂
bought murrinis – still needs a lot of exercise, I know

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