Cowl and mitts

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I just noticed that I haven’t shown you my last finished project yet. A whip cowl made from wonderful Araucania Lauca. The pattern is available for free here and on Ravelry.

I didn’t have anything to keep my head warm in winter, well not that I would have needed it all though December…  but January brought freezing temperatures and for every 10 minutes walk at -13°C, I was glad I’d knitted this cozy cowl.








Why I never had a hat? I don’t have a “hat-friendly” face… I look as if I was ready to go for 400m breast-swimming in each and every hat I try on. So I was happy when a Schnugi-friend posted the picture of her cowl. That gave me the idea, that maybe such a type of hat would suit me better. Indeed, it does. The pattern I chose is very easy to pick up, but when the wind blows hard enough it manages to creep through those little holes…

By the time my cowl had the correct length I was left with half a skein of this wonderful fast-knitting wool. And I had wanted to knit myself mitts for some months now… 😀

It really isn’t all that difficult. I combined 2 patterns, but I’m not really happy about the thumb-hole. It’s too large and the cold gets in in this place. Also, they could cover the fingers way more. But that’s not the fault of the pattern… it’s due to the skein finally coming to it’s end 😉


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