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ImageWith Corinna Tettinger’s tutorial on the desk beside my torch I made my first frog a few days ago. Pure adrenaline 🙂 So much could go wrong. I would get the toes and fingers wrong, the body would clump up into a ball of glass, I wouldn’t be able to attach the arms, the the whole frog might sink into a too hot bead… and even if it all went well (and it more or less did) and the frog would, by sheer miracle, not be cross-eyed, there was still the cooling that might crack the bead and all my work on it in vermiculit.I don’t have a temper over where the tensions inside the glass could even out over a whole night so this little creature would have to dip it’s head into the warmed vermiculit bed and cool a bit faster.


It all went well… the next day, I got the frog out of its cooling bed, not cracked, I took a picture… just to be on the sure side. I cleaned the hole, still no cracking, I wired it to form a pendant and still it stayed whole. I wore it for half a day before part of a finger chipped off, but it’s still wearable and lovely (if I might say so myself of my own bead ;-))



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