Frog and toad beads

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I wanted to further practice modeling glass and so I made these beads with frogs last week.

The first one is a frog on a hollow bead decorated with blue stringers in a wave pattern:


By the time I finished it my propane bottle was quite empty and the flame wouldn’t go beyond a soft hiss. Nonetheless, I was just able to finish the following little fellow in the same session before it ran out completely:


Since I melted in some transparent dots on its back I call it a toad. The orange dots on the red base bead don’t show well, only at a certain angle and weren’t captured in this picture.

Since I note down the colors I use for every bead I am now certain that one bottle of propane on a Hot Head torch goes a long way: 299 beads exactly, most medium sized,  no really fast and simple beads. This first bottle took me through 11 months of lampworking… the second is already in use and you’ll see the first results in a few days.


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