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A friend gave me these pieces. She had cut them off some multistranded necklaces that choked her. “I thought that you might use some of the beads, so I feel less guilty of having amputated my necklaces” were her words.


Yes, I would use them… to make her some bracelets to go with her necklaces Winking smile

The blue and grey strands had to be completely restrung because the spaces between the beads weren’t right and needed to be rearranged. Besides the large ceramic center beads were way to chunky for a bracelet.



The red and brown strands were OK as they were so I just added a clasp and some charms to add interest and keep them together.


There were still beads left, so she got a pair of earrings and a pendant as well:


She was very surprised when I turned up with these and liked the result a lot. I was happy enough to have a little practice.


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