Merry Christmas with Wichtel-beads 2012

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Same procedure as last year…? Winking smile

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with those dear to you.

Just like last year (see December 2011 in the archives of this blog), I participated in the Kleinigkeitenwichteln on the Schnugis forum.

I got all sorts of wonderful handmade items from my Co-Wichtel: soap, hand-died sock yarn, Fimo Jewelry, a Scrapbook Notebook, two scarfs, … I was delighted!

My Wichtels got from me these glass beads, made especially for each one, trying to match their preferences.


Here some close-ups and the earrings missing on the big picture:


The beach… my first attempt to use a SIS. Yes, after more than a year, I finally use a SIS… (which is a Silvered Ivory Stringer – make a blob of Ivory, mash a leaf of Silver around the hot blob and pull out a stringer. Simple. But I didn’t have a use for one until now)



I like this Egg-shape…



A shamballa bracelet for the woman who loves orange Winking smileThe beads are knot with three strands of grey leather. Those beads were next to impossible to photograph…


Earrings and a pendant for the same person who got the bracelet last year. This way, she has a complete set.



A big owl (well, big for me. I think it measured about 3 cm from ear to toe)


Funny earrings:



And a worm with a 5mm hole, can either be worn or hang around as decoration.



One thought on “Merry Christmas with Wichtel-beads 2012

    Alpi said:
    December 29, 2012 at 18:26

    Ich erstarre in Ehrfurcht! Und gleich danach fall ich auf die Knie. *verbeug*
    Unglaublich, du hast bestimmt viele Stunden am Brenner verbracht, bis diese grosse Vielfalt da war. Nach wie vor mag ich deine Kombination von Draht und Glas enorm gut, klasse!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse

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