My first attempt at scrapbooking

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I have already made some cards, but this is my first try at scrapbooking. The album was the birthday present for a friend of mine who is a mother of three. So the one thing I didn’t want to give her was something to do with kids! Not on her birthday. It had to be something only for her. She has always liked to take pictures, so I thought a photo album would be a nice idea. And a personalized one even more so.


It’s not perfect, but made with love in mind.



In case you wonder why there are no new pictures of lampwork to be found on my blog – Since New Year, I have only been able to get to the torch once *deep sigh*. The rest of the time the weather wasn’t suitable (freezing cold or snow blocking the window over my working area) or I didn’t find the time. I hope I’m not too much out of practice when I get back to my torch…This weekend it’s supposed to rain again. Sad smile


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