Möbius cowl

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My first Möbius! It is done Smile

Like a Möbius strip, this cowl only has one endless side.After casting on, you don’t have to pay that much attention to the repetitive pattern that unfolds all on its own. It starts in the center of the strip and is knit in rounds towards the edgings and is quite a fun project.That is the reason why the colored stripes are mirrored and the “upper” half on the picture below appears as purling stiches and the lower half as knit. Casting off this (almost) endless edge took three TV evenings, since the pattern calls for casting off knitting small triangles.


It is also my first Mohair project. As was foreseeable, the cowl leaves small, hairy traces everywhere it touches rougher surfaces, but it is quite acceptable. I had bought much too much wool. 2 skins of Lana Grossa Silkhair. And I used less than half of one…

The cowl is incredibly soft to wear, does not scratch and is quite warm while being light as a feather.

The pattern (in German), called “Nelke” can be found here. It looks very different when it’s knit using “normal” yarn…


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