Blooming Khaos

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Khaos is a Double Helix Glass Color that’ I’ve recently toyed around with, using my (still quite new) torch. And indeed, with this one, I can tickle out some more colors of the glass. I experimented with making wheels using Khaos and clear side by side, or rather one on top of the other. I then shaped those into wavering disks using heat and tweezers. The reduction didn’t work as well on those as on the doughnut I made, with drops of clear melted down to break the light in a different way over those sections.


On this side of the doughnut you can even see some purple accents.

And yes, this is really only clear glass and one other color… Glass is quite an amazing material! An I don’t get to spend enough time at the torch at the moment. *sigh*


angel and demon

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in one.


OK, in three pieces… there may even be more to follow since I haven’t yet exhausted the ideas on this subject.


Inspired by Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Stanger in a Strange Land…


other side of the same bead:


And that’s it for beads 3, 4 and 5 on the new torch.

I have yet to decide which one I like best. Which one is your favorite?

New torch – new beads

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I had to move my studio and on this occasion I finally switched to a Minor torch that runs on propane and oxygen. The flame of my new beauty is beautifully hot and well defined. Plus it’s super silent compared to the Hothead.

Curious to see my new “studio”? I have in fact taken over a corner of the garage – unfortunately still without a proper ventilation. It is still not the ultimate place to be working at, but it will have to do for the time being.



The MINOR – the oxygen wasn’t yet connected to my beauty on this picture, as I see only now…


The first beads that came off the mandrel using this torch were slightly experimental, the idea having come to me in a dream:


Fire opal

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As I said, the April opal was so fascinating, that I wanted to try it with other glass colors. The next day, I made one using Double Helix Clio.


The swirls are made with Rubino Oro.


Yesterday, the sun shone long enough to allow for some nice pictures.

I’ll show you the Khaos-test-bead I made the same day.







It was supposed to be a test only, but when the lentil was done, I noticed that I had forgotten to heat up my oven. I switched it on and went back to the torch to decorate the bead a bit more. The lighter-colored bubbles were poked onto a base of Clio, the reddish ones on Khaos.


I like how the dots of the background reflect in the raised transparent dots…

April Opal

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Angela (perlaperla) shared this wonderful Opal Bead tutorial on her blog and this week I finally got around to make one too…

This one is done using a base of Moretti black 064 covered in a thin sheet of fine silver on which I applied Reichenbach silverbrown, encased it in clear and added some swirls using a thin rod of Moretti 026, trapped some air bubbles, shaped it all and voilà…


It is described much more quickly than it is done, but it was so much fun and I loved the result so much that the next day I made an even bigger one using other colors. Unfortunately the sun refuses to shine since that bead was made, so I got no pictures of it yet.



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The weather is now a bit milder and I got back to the torch this week. One of the beads I made was this “Seaground” colored lentil.EOS-0155EOS-0158

as always: click to enlarge Winking smile

Beads for friends

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Some very dear colleagues from work got these last year’s last beads. They are great people and deserved some special beads designed especially for them.

As always, you can click on the pictures to see them in more detail.

Let’s start with the lady’s pendant. I wonder if she finally decided whether to hang it from a silver chain or a leather necklace…


A wizard for the MMORPG’er and reader of fantasy novels:


a black sheep:


a phantom (or, “don’t use anise white if you want to make a smiling mouth by half-covering a black dot” )


a (green) lantern (private joke, sorry folks):


something for the sweet tooth:


a wise snake:



and the first bubble bead tempered in my oven, thus “bubbles without cracks” – yay:



Hope you like them.