Green shapeshifting cane

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About a week ago, I was inspired by Donna Kato’s reshaped canes (from her book “The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques”).

It took me 2 evenings to mix the exact colors I wanted, form the cane and embellish some beads and one doughnut. This is the result:

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3D-Rhomboid bead

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Inspired by some of the tutorials on, I created this bead with it’s rather uncommon shape. It can be used as a pendant, by threading a chain through one of the holes. This way, the pendant can be worn with any of it’s 4 sides showing, depending on my mood or the shade of my clothes.

The cane used for the surface was the same I used on the Pandora-style beads.

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Skinner blended copper chain

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I made these cubes from a copper-to-silver skinner blend some time ago.

After that it took me some weeks to figure out how to do the wirework around the cubes. Her’s what I came up with finally. Somehow my camera didn’t want to take a really nice sharp picture of it…

2 bracelets

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I finished my first 2 bracelets this week.

The first was made of an attempt to produce faux dichroic glass. The effect is there, but the colors aren’t what they were supposed to be. The ink just wouldn’t spread out evenly and instead insisted on forming droplets. Nevertheless, the result pleased me well enough to turn some squares into a bracelet.

The second bracelet had started its life as a necklace. I had tried to crochet a necklace in an assorted color to a scarf. The color of the bought beads was fine, as was the two-row crocheting, but the necklace wasn’t what I had expected. It was too slim somehow for its length. So last night I transformed it into a three-rowed bracelet by folding it and simply attaching jump rings to the ends. I made an S-Hook with a bead as embellishment which I attached to it… and that was it.

Happy new year

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Happy new year to every reader!

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Welcome to my creative corner

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Welcome to my blog!

I discovered Polymer Clay about three months ago and ever since it has become my favorite hobby. Since the Internet is my main source for inspiration and I found so many astonishing pieces by various artists here, I wanted to share the results of my new passion with you as well.

So here are the pieces that I’ve created so far:

My very first object: the crazy bird

Since this bird turned out to be so cute, I wondered what I might be able to do with more practice and decided that this passion had a good chance to last.

I ordered this book (among others) and the title page inspired me to make this pendant my second piece:

I didn’t yet have the proper tools to make a more professional looking suspension, but I like (and wear)

it a lot, as it was my first piece of jewelry I ever made myself. It isn’t polished either, only sanded.

white clay colored with pastels

I experimented with color particles added to white clay.

For this small pendant, I used turquoise and dark violet pastel colors kneaded into white clay, made a Skinner blend with the 2 colors and gently folded  a stripe of it.

As you can see, the colors turned out a lot lighter than the original ones and whenever I wear this piece people often ask if it is edible. 🙂

The swirlies for this necklace and the earrings were also made of dark blue pastel, but mixed into pearl clay, which gives them a slightly metallic sheen and even makes mica shifts possible.

Then came Halloween and it was time for my next little critters, made of glow-in-the-dark Fimo

Last, but not least, one of my favorite beads these days is this “System bead” or Pandora Style Bead:

Pandora style bead based on a striped translucent cane