New torch – new beads

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I had to move my studio and on this occasion I finally switched to a Minor torch that runs on propane and oxygen. The flame of my new beauty is beautifully hot and well defined. Plus it’s super silent compared to the Hothead.

Curious to see my new “studio”? I have in fact taken over a corner of the garage – unfortunately still without a proper ventilation. It is still not the ultimate place to be working at, but it will have to do for the time being.



The MINOR – the oxygen wasn’t yet connected to my beauty on this picture, as I see only now…


The first beads that came off the mandrel using this torch were slightly experimental, the idea having come to me in a dream:



Indian summer

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I made this bracelet this winter using colors that remind me of Indian summer. Usually gold wire is not what I work with when making something for myself, but in this color combination it simply fit in along with the silver…


This is a picture of it before I tucked in and clipped off all the bits and ends and before it was shaped to fit around my wrist. It was slow work to wrap the thin wire around the thinker one, always pulling it through the section of work I was currently working on. There sure is a faster way to do this, possibly by not closing the outer wires right from the start into the correct shape…?

TheJo keeps my camera safe

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My new camera needed protection from the cruel world outside, waiting to scratch its delicate surface with its fanged, scraping surfaces, lurking to snatch the lens cap from my fingers in an inattentive moment. True, this camera bag won’t protect my dear camera from getting wet in a downpour, but I never pretended it was perfect. Winking smile


The E-book tutorial for TheJo (in German only) was bought on and is supposed to fit a Canon EOS 600D. I say “supposed”, because the tutorial does not mention any particular lens length – Thus, of course (Murphy insists), with my 35-135mm lens, the camera doesn’t quite fit in… at least not without stretching it as much as reasonably possible.


At the moment I took this picture I wasn’t quite sure the bag would remain this way.

The green pin you see up front has since been replaced by a button. That’s the loop where the camera strap goes through so the bag stays attached when you use the camera.


Anyhow, I like the bag and it took care of my little camera during our last vacation just fine. The lens cap has not gone missing so far since it can be stored away safely in the flap pocket when not needed. Since the padding is red velvet, the camera can be stored inside between two pictures without the cap on.

The project was not a very hard one, but it was tough on my sewing machine since all parts (outer and lining, both) are padded. Besides I really shouldn’t have tried to sew on Velcro that I glued on minutes ago. The sewing needle was so smeared in glue that the yarn broke after 3 sides and I spent 10 minutes trying to remove the sticky paste from the needle eye.

Orange set

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Almost a month since my last post…I was a little creative though, but I did not take any pictures yet. The set above was made from these beads:


The beads were a mistake…. but a good one. In fact, a bead of my orange bracelet cracked and I had intended to make a replacement (plus a spare lentil). Unfortunately, the coral color I used for the stringerwork was not the same as the one used in the bracelet. This I noticed only after it came out of the oven. So I hade to make an other – and was left with 2 spare lentils in identical colors. Perfect for earrings! With an egg as a pendant it became a set.

Have a nice day!

When is a hat not a hat?

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When it is a pincushion Winking smile


Credit is to be given to RainbowCreek, from whom I borrowed the idea.

I made another pincushion today (pincushmania…) in pumpkin-style. The german tutorial can be found on was eigenes’ blog


The two of them seem to get along well, but one will move to my mother’s, who complained about not having a decent pincushion last weekend… I haven’t decided yet which one to give away.


Murrini pendant

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It seems, I had forgotten to show you the pictures of this bead after it’s creation last year.Thinking smile


So, here it comes, the grey-purple and not so orange-orange bead with my first self-made murrini. The white flower – yes, yes, yes, that was my first murrini @home…Rolling on the floor laughingThe orange blossom is a simple poked dot-group.


Fire opal

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As I said, the April opal was so fascinating, that I wanted to try it with other glass colors. The next day, I made one using Double Helix Clio.


The swirls are made with Rubino Oro.


Yesterday, the sun shone long enough to allow for some nice pictures.

I’ll show you the Khaos-test-bead I made the same day.







It was supposed to be a test only, but when the lentil was done, I noticed that I had forgotten to heat up my oven. I switched it on and went back to the torch to decorate the bead a bit more. The lighter-colored bubbles were poked onto a base of Clio, the reddish ones on Khaos.


I like how the dots of the background reflect in the raised transparent dots…