Box with felted lining

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It’s been awhile again since I’ve last written here. I have done some knitting and will finish a few pieces in the next days but the only thing I can show you today is this box that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for months, waiting for a lining to come along.


When I saw it at the shop, I thought it would be perfect to contain all those single glass beads that still await inspiration or might serve as inspiration themselves.

But the painted wooden surface of its interior was of course to rough for my dear beads, so I decided to line it first. As I said, that was months ago. Yesterday I took half an hour to get to work, using a single sheet of thick felt I had once bought at a sale and that sat waiting its use on another shelf in my office.

I simply cut the felt to the right size and glued it in, adding stripes around each compartment to make it more cozy.


It turned out to be enough for the top level, but I will have to buy more felt for the bottom one. What you see on the picture is all that was left.

With those dark red lining I now think it looks more like a jewel box… and the beads can only be stored in it if I decide not to move it from where I intend to put it to use since they would risk rolling around and smashing into one another.