Blooming Khaos

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Khaos is a Double Helix Glass Color that’ I’ve recently toyed around with, using my (still quite new) torch. And indeed, with this one, I can tickle out some more colors of the glass. I experimented with making wheels using Khaos and clear side by side, or rather one on top of the other. I then shaped those into wavering disks using heat and tweezers. The reduction didn’t work as well on those as on the doughnut I made, with drops of clear melted down to break the light in a different way over those sections.


On this side of the doughnut you can even see some purple accents.

And yes, this is really only clear glass and one other color… Glass is quite an amazing material! An I don’t get to spend enough time at the torch at the moment. *sigh*


Glassy fibula

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I needed a clasp for a vest I knitted. Unfortunately I had placed the buttonholes where the pattern told me to… It looked very strange that way when worn. So I needed to button the vest where there is no buttonhole. The dear Schnugis helped me solve this problem: what I needed was a clasp or a pin of some kind. That reminded me of the fibulas in the “Bead on wire” book by Sharilyn Miller which I had never tried out, thinking I would not have a use for them. Now I had.


So this is my first fibula, but probably not the last –> different cardigans and shawl call for different colors of fibulas Winking smile and it is a nice way to use small single glass beads.