Blooming Khaos

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Khaos is a Double Helix Glass Color that’ I’ve recently toyed around with, using my (still quite new) torch. And indeed, with this one, I can tickle out some more colors of the glass. I experimented with making wheels using Khaos and clear side by side, or rather one on top of the other. I then shaped those into wavering disks using heat and tweezers. The reduction didn’t work as well on those as on the doughnut I made, with drops of clear melted down to break the light in a different way over those sections.


On this side of the doughnut you can even see some purple accents.

And yes, this is really only clear glass and one other color… Glass is quite an amazing material! An I don’t get to spend enough time at the torch at the moment. *sigh*


Indian summer

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I made this bracelet this winter using colors that remind me of Indian summer. Usually gold wire is not what I work with when making something for myself, but in this color combination it simply fit in along with the silver…


This is a picture of it before I tucked in and clipped off all the bits and ends and before it was shaped to fit around my wrist. It was slow work to wrap the thin wire around the thinker one, always pulling it through the section of work I was currently working on. There sure is a faster way to do this, possibly by not closing the outer wires right from the start into the correct shape…?

Orange set

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Almost a month since my last post…I was a little creative though, but I did not take any pictures yet. The set above was made from these beads:


The beads were a mistake…. but a good one. In fact, a bead of my orange bracelet cracked and I had intended to make a replacement (plus a spare lentil). Unfortunately, the coral color I used for the stringerwork was not the same as the one used in the bracelet. This I noticed only after it came out of the oven. So I hade to make an other – and was left with 2 spare lentils in identical colors. Perfect for earrings! With an egg as a pendant it became a set.

Have a nice day!

Murrini pendant

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It seems, I had forgotten to show you the pictures of this bead after it’s creation last year.Thinking smile


So, here it comes, the grey-purple and not so orange-orange bead with my first self-made murrini. The white flower – yes, yes, yes, that was my first murrini @home…Rolling on the floor laughingThe orange blossom is a simple poked dot-group.


Leaf or fish?

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PICT6152I have spent a few hours wiring up this pendant. It’s a new technique I saw in a book. The result looks more finished than my other wire work, but as I say… it takes hours.

It was designed to represent 2 leafs dangling from a glassy fruit, but people tell me it looks like a fish… what do you see in it?


Autumn leaves

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The beautiful colors of autumn have inspired me to make this set in amber, brown, green and orange.


The smaller beads are chips of amber and iridescent seed beads in farfalle form.



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This strawberry pendant now lives with Cinni who had the idea for me to make one.


It was rather fun to shape that strawberry in the flame and make it as irregular as a real one would be.