Spatterdash Wristwarmers

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You can find this free pattern on Ravelry.

I used about half a Schoppel Zauberball called “your blue eyes” to make these. To accentuate the shell pattern, I switched between dark and light parts of the yarn every two rows.


Sewing on the 28 buttons seemed to take forever (two evenings in fact) but they give them that certain something I think…

Fortunately they were finished before winter was over and I already got to wear them. They are warm and cozy – I love them.




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It is done. My first pair of socks has jumped off the needles. It was a slow motion jump since it took 20 months to complete them… Well, socks might not become my favorite kind of knitting project. Maybe wearing them will me convince that hand knit socks are really a must-have?

The pattern is Alpenrose’s “serpentes” – a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry or directly on her blog.

Serpentes are easy enough (no heel), and quite fun to knit. The Zitron Trekking Yarn had first been intended to become a scarf for my son, but I frogged it after 20 cm since it was too scratchy for a young child’s neck. Maybe this fact stopped me from finishing this pair earlier. Now I’m happy that another project has found it’s way out of my knitting basket and into the wardrobe. One UFO less.


Wedge hats and worm

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I don’t like hats… no, I don’t like to wear hats. I don’t like my looks when I wear a hat.

But since ”Winter is coming…” Winking smile, I have to get prepared. So I knit a hat I thought might have a chance to look good even on me.

Wedge hat the 1st: (free pattern on Ravelry)


I must not have gotten the size right… It looks like a giant pancake running down my head.

Second try: same pattern, different yarn, smaller size:

why does it ruffle? I have no idea… except that the yarn is a bit stiffer, I followed the same instructions, gauge was the same… hmmm.

Still, I needed a hat. So the third try was a pattern knit about 8000 times – on ravelry … is HAS to have something to it. And the worm sure has. It is an easy pattern (the hardest part being the double layered brim). It is forgiving in the shaping. It looks even acceptable on me. Great! Smile

The kids already ordered some as well. Maybe I get around to them after knitting some mitts. …and frogging the first wedge hat Winking smile

Möbius cowl

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My first Möbius! It is done Smile

Like a Möbius strip, this cowl only has one endless side.After casting on, you don’t have to pay that much attention to the repetitive pattern that unfolds all on its own. It starts in the center of the strip and is knit in rounds towards the edgings and is quite a fun project.That is the reason why the colored stripes are mirrored and the “upper” half on the picture below appears as purling stiches and the lower half as knit. Casting off this (almost) endless edge took three TV evenings, since the pattern calls for casting off knitting small triangles.


It is also my first Mohair project. As was foreseeable, the cowl leaves small, hairy traces everywhere it touches rougher surfaces, but it is quite acceptable. I had bought much too much wool. 2 skins of Lana Grossa Silkhair. And I used less than half of one…

The cowl is incredibly soft to wear, does not scratch and is quite warm while being light as a feather.

The pattern (in German), called “Nelke” can be found here. It looks very different when it’s knit using “normal” yarn…

Loreli’s gift

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This is a scarf pattern from the book “Sock yarn one-skein wonders”. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Doppio. I bought one skein of this last winter because the colors appealed to me and I simply love both its texture and color. One could say I’m a big fan of Lana Grossa’s sock yarns. They really are so soft, that you can use them very well for scarves. The proof: I wear them and I can’t stand even slightly itchy fabrics around my neck.

This project took a few months because it was interrupted by pressing needs for hats and scarves for my kids and husband. Winking smile


The special thing about this pattern is, that even the wrong side looks good enough to be a right side. Look for yourself:

wrong sidePICT6303

right sidePICT6306

Unlike the Brombeer Wellengang, I blocked this one which makes the pattern stand out even better.

Vancouver Fog Mitts

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When I can’t get to my torch, I have to do something else… this winter I knitted a lot it seems. The extend of my knitting didn’t occur to me until I reviewed the last posts: nothing to see but yarn. When the weather warms up, I’ll be back to the torch and the subjects here will shift toward glassy again Winking smile

These fingerless mittens have been finished for a few weeks as well, but I couldn’t well present them here before offering them to my dear sister. Two months ago, she got herself a new jacket. A dark pink jacket. A pink that reminded me very much of a yarn I had in stash – an idea was born.


I chose the Vancouver Fog pattern on Ravelry for this pair and cast it on with 2 balls of Schoppel Zauberball Charisma working in double strand. I thought that taking 2 balls and starting each one from a different part in the color repeat would soften the color repeat and make both mitts a bit more similar – didn’t work out quite as well as I had hoped for.

No, I really can't take a picture myself with both mitts on my hands ;-)

I’m still proud to show you the result of my first cables – ever. It is a lot more time-consuming, probably especially more so because I don’t have a real cable needle and just used the sixth knitting needle of the set for working in the round.

Rainbow scarf and hat

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As my daughter had a cap and scarf crocheted by “Mamma”, her brother protested that he wanted such a set as well. From my stash he chose this rainbow-colored Zauberball-skein from Schöppel. Good boy SmileIMG_0955IMG_1037

This set is the opposite of the one before: knitted hat and crocheted scarf. The hat is based on the Turn-a-square pattern, the scarf is a design of my own.

This one was finished in December – I’m slightly behind schedule in showing you what I did.