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Blooming Khaos

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Khaos is a Double Helix Glass Color that’ I’ve recently toyed around with, using my (still quite new) torch. And indeed, with this one, I can tickle out some more colors of the glass. I experimented with making wheels using Khaos and clear side by side, or rather one on top of the other. I then shaped those into wavering disks using heat and tweezers. The reduction didn’t work as well on those as on the doughnut I made, with drops of clear melted down to break the light in a different way over those sections.


On this side of the doughnut you can even see some purple accents.

And yes, this is really only clear glass and one other color… Glass is quite an amazing material! An I don’t get to spend enough time at the torch at the moment. *sigh*



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“Aion” is the name of a silver glass color by Double Helix.

It reacts in the flame to beautiful blue, purple and goldish tones if you know how to handle it. I bought 33cm of this magic some time ago and now I’m experimenting with it, finding out little by little how to tickle out the colors…

This pendant is made with a squash bead (German tutorial by anibeads available here).


The Aion was still a bit opaque, but I got behind the secret of striking it (at least getting a bit of color and a hint of golden glow) and tried again to make a squash:


It’s so difficult to take pictures of these beads because of the translucency that can’t quite be caught in pixels.

Here some more beads using all only clear glass and Aion:



Hope you like them…I’ll be back with more sometime soon Winking smile


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The Schnugis started a “Kleinigkeitenwichteln” before Christmas. 8 people, including me, took part in it. We made a small present for each other person and then sent it all to our schoki who reorganized the packages and sent the parcels back with the presents form all the others.

Here are the lampwork beads I made for my Co-wichtel… the bracelet was the Christmas present.