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Wedge hats and worm

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I don’t like hats… no, I don’t like to wear hats. I don’t like my looks when I wear a hat.

But since ”Winter is coming…” Winking smile, I have to get prepared. So I knit a hat I thought might have a chance to look good even on me.

Wedge hat the 1st: (free pattern on Ravelry)


I must not have gotten the size right… It looks like a giant pancake running down my head.

Second try: same pattern, different yarn, smaller size:

why does it ruffle? I have no idea… except that the yarn is a bit stiffer, I followed the same instructions, gauge was the same… hmmm.

Still, I needed a hat. So the third try was a pattern knit about 8000 times – on ravelry … is HAS to have something to it. And the worm sure has. It is an easy pattern (the hardest part being the double layered brim). It is forgiving in the shaping. It looks even acceptable on me. Great! Smile

The kids already ordered some as well. Maybe I get around to them after knitting some mitts. …and frogging the first wedge hat Winking smile